Thursday, June 14, 2007


Thanks Brian (Capt'n of the "O" Dark 30) for the great picture of the cover of the latest copy of Small Craft magazine. I have yet to procure a copy myself. We are honored to see our creation adorn the cover of the magazine and I cannot wait to read the article. Thanks to everyone who helped out Team RAF. If you want to relive the challenge just read back in time further down this page. There are pictures, videos, and updates throughout the challenge. Hoefully we will inspire more of those fence sitters to go DO IT.

A little update on the team... Mike is somewhere in Colorado working for NOAA this summer on some air moisture research project. Matt, Chris and I are in Raleigh for the summer working and gearing up for the Aerial Robotics Club UAV competition next week. Chris is preparing for his fall semester which he will spend in Prague studying Architecture. I am also preparing for the Missouri River 340 paddling challenge in July with just a few more weekends to go I cain't wait.