Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer begins

I signed up to be a counselor at Camp Ranoca, a city affiliated summer day camp, just as school ended and have been herded through the various training sessions required by the city for the last 3 weeks. Monday kicks off the start of the 8 week day camp that is based in Umstead and Durant Nature Parks in Raleigh. Camp was an obvious choice for a summer job since I needed to stay in Raleigh to continue Ironman training (11wks to go) and it beats lifeguarding or working indoors. Plus I can ride my bike to work (about 17 miles round trip). I worked at a summer day camp in Chapel Hill for years after going there as a camper myself and was even the director one year so I know the game. No doubt in my mind that working with kids is appropriate Ironman training in itself.

Wednesday, Adam and I made a second trip in 2 weeks to the Bonsal train station just south of Jordan Lake and a good 55-65 mile (depending on if you get lost the first time) ride for our "Long Rides" for the week. We are averaging about 17 mph with stops which I think is pretty indicative of what our actual race pace will be. Running is going steady with no knee problems to report. Wishing I had a stronger base but what can you do except use what you got. I have definately improved since the shamrock 1/2 marathon. Swimming is going swimmingly. Tues. was another long swim (~2miles) and a recovery swim yesterday after the long ride. Overall feeling good. A little sore today and SLEEPING A LOT lately all of which I hope are signs of getting faster and stronger. My goals thus far with 11 weeks to go are to finish injury free and, if I pace myself successfully, maybe even run/jog the whole marathon.

Frisland is out of the water as of last week and Adam and I are still on for a trip up to Crown Point Marina next friday to begin work. Ian has been making friends with other sailors at the marina who are also on the hard and all have been admiring our boat. A special celebrity appearance on Sunday is also planned as Graham Brynes of B and B yachts has agreed to come up and survey the boat with us as well as help us a little with the in's and out's of cruising and all that other stuff that only a true salty dog knows and only a guy as nice as Graham would tell us newbies. We are looking forward to spending time with him on the boat. Thats all for now. Off to the gym.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kerr Lake Try....

Last weekend I successfully completed my first triathlon, an Olympic distance, at Kerr lake. It was a small one with just over 300 participants in all. I came in 113 out of 188 men overall and 7th out of 9 in my age group with a total time of 2:47:56. Here are the male age group results.

My breakdown was as follows and the averages for my age group.
Swim: 30:37 (avg time- 28:20)
T1: 3:04
Bike: 1:13:46 (avg time- 1:10)
Run: 1:00:31 (avg time- 55:30)

As you can see, I was just slightly below average in all cases but I am getting faster every day. I averaged just over 18mph on the bike and felt strong on the swim. I had the second slowest T1 in my age group so thats something to work on but I'm not really racing anyone but myself and for Ironman, it will be worth the extra time to get comfortable. I also passed a lot of bonkers in the last mile and a half of the run when I felt really strong having held back in the beginning not knowing my limits completely which paid off I think.

Training continues for the Louisville Ironman in Aug. Just 12 weeks left!!!!