Monday, June 30, 2014

Part 6 of the Core Sound 15 build

Had the chance to get more parts cut out for the 15 last week. Here is a video of the progress to date:

Below are some pictures of assembling the B and B waterproof hatches.

The assembled hatch and hatch ring. 

This is a rendered view of the finished hatch.

Here it is seen from below. All edges would be rounded over.

Here we have an exploded view of the hatch lid. 

This is an exploded view of the hatch ring showing all the parts.

And now for the real thing.

 Here is the hatch lid being glued up on a flat table to eliminate the possibility of a twist in the top. The parts were assembled with dabs of hot glue and then filleted. The hardwood beam across the back cannot be hot glued down like the plywood sides. It must be glued down with thickened epoxy. 
Here are the parts for the hatch ring. The sides and back rail are hardwood. They were glued on after the inner corner of the plywood parts were filleted. 

Here the hatch ring parts are dry fitted and hot glued together to hold them in place while being filleted. The hardwood sides are just dry fitted.  

Here is another video from B and B last week of the crew lifting the hard top on to the 45' powercat that is nearing completion at B and B. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

More Progress on the CS 15 Kit Prototype

Here is part 4 and 5 of CS-15 kit prototype build. Next up will be getting the centerboard trunk installed and working on the cockpit hatches and seat tops.