Tuesday, April 19, 2016

UFC 2016 Stage 1 and BOAT FOR SALE

As promised, here is stage 1 of the UFC. I tried hard to take good video on the trip. All the video taken was with my GoPro Black and the audio didn't come out as well as I had hoped when the camera was at arms length. I had over an hour of footage for the first stage so at 30 min, this offering for stage 1 is pretty well cut down. My plan of just stringing all my video logs together without having to do a lot of editing would have worked if I hadn't taken so much darn video!



I was waiting to get at least one video of the canoe published before I posted the boat FOR SALE! That's right i'm selling the sailing canoe I just used in the UFC. Everything included EXCEPT the folding bike and the anchor.

Asking 6,500.00 or best offer.

Why you ask? I designed and built the boat to do the UFC and that's exactly what it did. I don't want it to have the same boring fate as the big trimaran that's already in my garage. Plus my wife and I want to start building a Core Sound 20 Mk3 as our camp/sail/cruising boat.

The boat sufferend no significant damage during the UFC but the bottom was scraped up a bit. I will be re-glassing spots on the bottom over any deep scratches and repainting the bottom with primer prior to sale so you will have your own bottom to scratch all up. The ama's will also get another coat of primer prior to sale. Otherwise boat is sold as is. If you are interested, you may visit B&B's shop in NC and test sail the boat and I'd be happy to bring you up to speed on rigging it and how to reef it and so on.

Note: don't buy for the canoe hull alone, buy for the whole package. The canoe hull was designed for minimum wetted surface area (partly why it is so fast), this means that it is much narrower than a kruger for example and not nearly as stable. I can only recommend attempting to paddle the canoe with an expedition load in the boat as I had in the UFC because the canoe is more stable with a load just like most tippy sea kayaks. That being said, I didn't have any problems with stability with a load in the boat during the river portion of the UF. I even went over little shoals in the dark and hit every rock on the way and never once capsized.

Length: 17' 9"
overall Beam: 26" to 11' 6" with amas
WL Beam: 23-1/2"
Sail area: 58sqft
Hull weight: ~60lbsEmpty weight: ~125lbs

video of first launching and sail

video of boat sailing in stage 1 of the UFC

Construction gallery

What is Included:
-Mast and boom, crossbeams and Amas.
-Seat and backrest
-Subrella partial cockpit spray cover
-Custom made camping tent that bungees around the cockpit (made from and 2 man tent)
-Portage Cart and wheels. One of them is patched :)

Contact me:

email: bandbkitboats@gmail.com