Monday, August 31, 2015

A busy year to say the least

Not having any one project that I'm spending all of my time on lately I figured I would just mention them all. Here in no particular order is what takes up almost ALL of my time. To say these projects are enjoyable is an understatement.

Continuing progress on the new B&B Yacht Designs website

I've been working on a 28' Cruising Trimaran for Kayakman7 and wife Kristen.

The Core Sound 17 and 20 Mark 3 designs have evolved and work will resume on their construction manuals soon. Lots of great pictures coming in from the first builders. 

Design work continues for a 56' Carolina Sportfish. 

Design work has begun for a 61' sportfish catamaran which dwarfs the 45' powercat that B&B built over the last 4 years. Don't worry, we aren't going to build this one. 

Design of a NEW Carolina flare bow powerboat that B&B is offering. This one is going straight to kit with 2 maybe 3 builders patiently waiting for her completion. 

We also have builders patiently waiting for the completion of the Kit version of the Outer Banks 20. She is close to being cut out.  
Source credit: Outboard render courtesy of Klemen Er┼żen from Grabcad

Wait there's more....

I've been slowly building a sailing canoe on the side (yes on the side of all of these projects). This will become my entry into the Ultimate Florida Challenge race next March.  

On the list of projects I want to finish there is also the last few videos in the series I started about building the Core Sound 15. I still mean to finish them. Occasionally I get a message asking where the next part is. Sorry. 

That's enough projects for one post.