B&B Expedition Canoe

New Expedition Canoe design and construction at B&B Yacht Designs.

I am entering this boat as a solo entry in the upcoming watertribe ultimate florida challenge "UFC" 2016. See who else is entered

Design Goals: My aim was to build a sailing canoe with the best sailing performance of any boat that can be portaged in the UFC challenge. This is an expedition sailing canoe more suited to sailing with rigid amas and ample sail area.

Construction: The boat is "tape" and glued construction (as opposed to stitch and glued) to avoid filling wire holes. The hull is 4mm ply with 4oz S-glass. Hatches will be 4mm ply with rubber gasketing. Amas will be glassed foam.

Sailing:  Hiking benches will allow for sailing in heavier air outside the main hull. While this is not a sustainable (read: soaking wet ride) way to approach a long distance expedition, it is a good way to get through a choppy crossing in less time. Balancing the canoe without dragging the amas is the key to sailing performance. Ridgid shaped amas will be the most efficient possible when conditions force sailing with one ama in the water. The mast will be freestanding multi-part aluminum tube. The leeboard, amas, outriggers, mast and sail will all stow internally in the fore and aft hatches for paddling.

Paddling: A relatively narrow sailing beam allows for paddling with the amas clear of the water when "motor sailing". For the river portion of the UFC challenge the entire sailing rig will be demounted and stowed. The canoe is designed for paddling but it could easily be set up for rowing with a sliding seat or even a hobie Mirage drive.

Length: 17' 9"
Beam: 26"
WL Beam: 23-1/2"
Sail area: 70sqft
Hull weight: 60lbs
Empty weight: 125lbs


IsZataRock said...


It took me a long time to get beyond a glance at your canoe design. But this morning I finally took some time to peruse. As expected, you captured pretty much every good aspect of performance sailing canoes intended for distance and combined them into a beautiful boat. Plus your workmanship is outstanding. Good luck in the UFC!

By the way, I'm glad you entering solo this year. There's something magic about handling everything by yourself.

Couple asides based on some things I've experienced:
1. You WILL have plenty of time for shakedown cruises, I hope!
2. A small cleat around the cockpit combing can help keep a skirt secure.
3. You'll know as soon as you try it whether you've given enough lateral space for an efficient paddle stroke without hitting the amas. Nothing worse than hitting something (mast, iako, ama, leeboard) when you just want to get into your paddling zone.
4. You could wedge a plank under/over the cockpit combing for hiking to save some complications with the hiking seat struts.
5. Roller furling around the mast??

It's fun watching you develop your designs.


J.R. said...

Will plans be available for this design?

J.R. said...

Will plans be available for this design?

Unknown said...

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