Monday, March 31, 2014

Another project taking shape

I'll get back to writing up our EC story hopefully soon (after it sinks in some more). But I'm already onto the next project.

I've been commissioned to put together a Core Sound 15 sailboat and have developed the kit for the boat (not previously offered by B and B as a kit) and am using this boat as the prototype for the kit.

I created a 3 part video documenting the assembly of the hull from flat panels to final shape of the 3D Hull. Enjoy

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

That's a Wrap.... Back to the Real World

The EC is a personal journey of exploration mixed with salt, ocean, weeds, mud, bugs and sleep deprivation. One cannot fully describe the feeling of participating in this event. You just have to do it yourself. To learn about yourself, push your limits and find out what your made of. Surely there are few ways to accomplish these goals so effectively in a world of smartphones and facebook. After this years EC I've had an urge to get on the water more, I've had more vivid dreams in general and I like to think I ponder the world in a deeper way. Maybe I've just lost a few hundred more brain cells but it sure feels good! I've also got more boat design ideas swirling around in my head, more than normal anyway.

Mosquito performed better that I could have hoped. Although she has already completed the UFC in 2012 she was loaded down with many pounds of extra gear for the portage and in such a long race pushing a new design to the edge is not advisable (breaking is not fast) she also suffered from a small leak that kept SandyBottom and I bailing all the way around Florida. After collecting dust since our 2012 run Mosquito was given some much needed and deserved love and attention. A new coat of paint and some new graphics thanks to my sailing partner this year Jake and his graphics business Green Room Graphics. The goal this year was to really open the throttle and see what she could do. Mosquito took care of us in all conditions although she does better when you give her enough water to play in (beware Checkpoint #2). I am glad to report that Jake and I found Mosquito to be as fast and powerful as I always imagined she could be.

Here are a few pics of our run in this years EC in the Mosquito Trimaran. Oh yeah and WE TOOK 3rd Place!!! Finishing in 2 days 9 hours and 55 minutes. Just 1 hour and 9 minutes behind the second place multihull sailed by SwampMonkee and Chainsaw in their modified Tornado. Great racing to the bitter end.

Photo Credit to my amazing fiance Taylor (AKA Ginger)

We had a rocket ship start in pole position with sails at full throttle and Code Zero pulling hard
Thanks again to Drain Plug Magnets for your support!!!

Mosquito touches down at Cape Haze Marina on the heels of Randy's speed machine 'Sizzor'. All was going well, no signs of anyone on the horizon behind us. 

Refilling water at Check Point 2. We fought our way up Indian Key pass for many many many hours. Finally resorting to pulling the boat against the current with a rope from shore we finally made it. Sails in the distance! we were not alone. Must sail faster. 

Alan, slogs back to the boat with water before pushing off and leaving CP2. 
With the tide fighting us on the way in and again on the way out, it took every ounce of sailing skill and paddling brawn we had that day to get our craft away from the unforgiving pit of despair that is Chokoloskee. We cracked both dagger-boards (although they both still functioned) on our way back out into the gulf first running aground in a 3 knot current and getting wrenched around on the tip of the board and then headed out into open water when we struck an unidentified floating object. 

For comparison: Sambasailor and SailsAlot demonstrate above the gentlemen's method of making landfall at Check Point 2 on "the good tide" notice the LACK of mud and ABUNDANCE of water. We are taking notes. 

After another long night sailing into Flamingo (Check Point 3) and with very little to no sleep, Jake demonstrates proper form heading up the ICW to Key Largo. SwampMonkee and Chainsaw were hot on our heels just a few miles to our North making their way across Florida Bay.

Happy sailors arrive in Key Largo

Self Explanatory

Mosquito takes a well deserved rest in the warm clear waters of Key Largo and enjoys the sunset

I will find time to write up my personal experience of the race as I did last year but in the mean time Jake (AKA PopTarp) is hard at work on a video of our adventure using monologue and gopro footage from the race so check back soon for VIDEO!

On my plate this month? Starting new construction of a Core Sound 15 for a customer in Charlotte and also owner of Drain Plug Magnets who sponsored Jake and I this year in the EC.

In my spare time I am also doing a little scratch and dent work for watertribers Kiwibird and KneadingWater. They managed to really beat the crap out of their kayaks in this years EC and I will have pictures up of the work done on their kayaks.

Also, keep and eye on watertriber Sundance's trimaran kayak build blog. He is anxious to get back to building after finishing this years EC with his daughter in a Hobie TI.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Jarhead and Leatherlungs leave key largo

2:33pm tuesday. They got some breakfast and tried to sleep. Off they go.

Hanging out at the finish...

We have been hanging out here in Key Largo and got a good nights sleep last night. We finished at 4:50 last night, just in time to go out to dinner. It was a pretty tough race with a higher level of competition than I ever remember. Unfavorable tides and current into and out of check point 2 really knocked our lead down and SwampMonkee and Chainsaw in their Tornado were able to catch back up to us. In the end their decision to head across Florida Bay coupled with our decision to try and get a couple hours sleep at Flamingo was enough to give then the lead. They finished just an hour and a half ahead of us.

As always, hanging out with the finishers, talking about the crazy tides and sleep deprivation is great fun and we are having a nice time relaxing and talking about boats. 

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Everyglades Challenge: And they're off!

Jake and Alan set off at 7:00 this morning. Both were in great spirits; they got a good nights sleep and had a relaxed morning on the beach. 

Alan reported earlier that they were struggling through some light wind. Looking at their personal tracking page, they're speeding up. 

You may have noticed, The Watertribe Tracking Page is overloaded. The Race Manager and the Checkpoint Captains are asking everyone to stay off the tracker in order to give it time to reload.