Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gone Diving

Last Thurs. and Fri. I completed my checkout dives for my NAUI Rescue Diver certification. Last semester I got scuba certified through the diving program at State and this semester I followed up with the rescue diver class. We have a really good diving program here with excellent instructors and equipment.

Fantasy lake scuba park in Rollesville, NC is a great place for beginner divers to practice navigation and basic skills. We completed skills in rescue towing, diver recovery and practicing search and recovery techniques. I don't have my own gear yet but I'm in the market. Hopefully more diving is in my future over the summer.

(Left) Alan taking a bearing on a "downed diver" simulated by a plastic bottle with rocks and holes in the sides that sinks in about 5 seconds after being thrown in. Basically the name of the game was GO FETCH!

A few of the instructors in the diving program at NC state are into cave diving. A highly technical niche in the diving community. Of course cave diving is inherently very dangerous without proper training. Guess I ought to start soon huh. (mom yelling at me now..."NO NO NO, NO CAVE DIVING!") Here is shot of an extreme cave diver using a DPV (diver propulsion vehicle) a rebreather wearing a drysuit and towing multiple safety bottles probably to restock the cave or remove the old ones. This is the most extreme example of cave diving. I wonder what this guys mom thinks.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Fever

The tenth annual spring fever regatta was help last weekend on Lake Hartwell in northern GA. A total of around 80 cats sailed and a great time was had by all. "Team NC State" drove down on Thursday evening having Friday off from school for Easter. We took a whole crew from NC State and in all contributed 4 boats to the regatta. 2 Nacra 20's a G-Cat, and Hobie 18. Friday was the warmest day of racing and also the best for Trey and I . We took two bullets and a second. Saturday took a turn for the cold out on the lake but many sailors braved the 30 degree temps to get some races in. The wind was fierce on Saturday. NOAA reported 20mph with gusts up to 32 for the day and it wasn't far off. We finished up with a one bullet, a second and a third on day 2. Pictured above is Tad Pecorak and Derek Binkley (both members of Team Velcoity Sailing who sailed Tad's Nacra 20 to a respectable finish. Look for lots more pictures coming soon on the Spring Fever Website.

On the last day, the boat was feeling a little slow and we had to be content with a 4th, and a 3rd. The results were in and after the throw out we scraped out first place overall in the Nacra 20 class just one point ahead of Team Seacats who sailed exceptionally well especially on the last day in some really shifty winds. Had more races been run on Sunday, they probably would have had us.

Small boats:
Seacats skipper, Jake Kohl brought along hull number 1 from his Remote control 1 meter sailing project. He and some buddies designed their own RC racing sailboat. Check it out on Team Seacats website.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Back to almost Normal

I started this blog a little over a year ago to document my adventures in sailing and the outdoors so that I could show others some of the things I have done and whenever I meet someone and we get to talking about sailing, racing, or whatever, I usually end up giving them our site to go check out. When Team RAF was created, I devoted the site to the team. Now that the EC is over (at least for this year) I am just going to continue to post about things that I am doing and Matt, Chris and Mike are welcome to add to the stories. (Left, pic from a 15 mile paddle on jordan lake last sunday. )

Things are mostly back to normal in the world of team RAF. The boats are resting, and we are back in the grind of school work and projects. As for the boats, we have been contacted about possibly selling one of them and we are still talking about it. Right now it looks like Matt and Chirs are interested in keeping one of them and procuring a second trailer for its transport. I with my lonely hobie 18 in the driveway would like to get my trailer back to its original owner. The other boat could possibly be on the market in the near future.

International Rolex Regatta: The results have been in, Trey and I placed 4th in our class (Results, scroll to the bottom) on the boat we chartered "WAR". Among those we sailed against was Enrique Figueroa, a legend in sailing and national hero in Puerto Rico. Let me be one to say...holy crap this guy can sail fast! We were happy with our performance and Saint Thomas was an amazing place to visit. Thanks to Eric, Rachel, Heineken-Adam, Buzz-Alan, Christina , and The good doctor Tobin for everything. What a blast. Trey and I collected over 2 hours of video from inboard the boat this is being edited for your viewing pleasure soon. If you can't wait, there is some video of us on Day 2 (Saturday) at http://www2.blogger.com/www.t2p.tv just click on "Rolex regatta" but you have to log-in to view.

Spring Fever: This Easter weekend, Trey and I and a lot of other sailors from NC State will be going down to Lake Hartwell, GA for the 10th annual Spring Fever Regatta. A great time and LOTS of boats. I think we have around 100 catamarans signed up this year. Trey and I will be sailing the Nacra 20. It will be good to be back on our own boat. Here is a picture of Jen and I sailing a hobie 16 at last years Spring Fever Regatta. I don't remember how we placed but I do remember that it was fun.

Missouri River 340: In other news, I just signed up for the MOR 340. A 340 mile canoe and kayak race that takes racers down the twisty Missouri river from Kansas City to St. Charles all the way across the state of Missouri. Oh yeah, and you have to finish in under 100 hours. I have started training on a Kruger DreamCatcher and will likely borrow a Kruger SeaWind for the race from my good friend Stan who lent Team RAF the carbon ZRE paddles during the EC.

Look forward to some good pictures, video and trip reports in the coming weeks.