Monday, May 02, 2011

A Slightly Longer Commute

Some pictures from this week. I've been working on my hatches and Sunday I took the boat out for an overnight in Swan Creek to meet up with Steve on Spartina and another sailing friend who is sailing around the outer banks for the next 2 weeks. Steve was just wrapping up his "walkabout" trip and it was fun meeting up with them and getting the boat out on the water. This morning, I had a slightly longer commute back to work. A 16 mile sail back to Chapel Creek from Swan Creek out in the Neuse River. Sailing to work... allllright, now I can check that off my list.
Hatch Mold. 3 coats of honey wax and 3 coats of PVA partall release film.

Hatch mold with part under vacuum bag.

Drip ring hatch frame installed in port side.

Sailing out to Swan Creek from Chapel Creek. 16 miles out the Bay river and hang a right.

A beat out the river, some paddling around Maw point and a staysail reach down to the creek.

A relaxing sail. Very glad that I got the boat back in the water. I started working on the hatches a couple of weeks ago and wasn't finished but some ducktape and red plastic board fixed that temporarily as you can see in this picture. I'm sure Steve will have some good pics on his blog from his trip over the weekend. Can't wait to read his report.