Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kayak Testing

I had a chance to paddle the new kayak this week briefly and get an idea of her speed. We had done some basic model testing and drag prediction of this hull so we were curious to get some data from the "full size model".

I was able to achieve 5.4 knots (6.2 mph)  flat out. This corresponds to around 11.5 lbs of force applied. At this speed wave making resistance accounts for just slightly over half of the total resistance of the hull. Note the clearly visible bow and stern waves when she is at speed indicating that we are very close to hull speed.

The as seen weight here is 38 lbs. With paint, hatches and deck rigging the finished boat should come in right around 45 lbs. More to come. I will look forward to hearing Floatsome's comments on maneuverability of the boat after he gets her broken in.