Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Fever

The tenth annual spring fever regatta was help last weekend on Lake Hartwell in northern GA. A total of around 80 cats sailed and a great time was had by all. "Team NC State" drove down on Thursday evening having Friday off from school for Easter. We took a whole crew from NC State and in all contributed 4 boats to the regatta. 2 Nacra 20's a G-Cat, and Hobie 18. Friday was the warmest day of racing and also the best for Trey and I . We took two bullets and a second. Saturday took a turn for the cold out on the lake but many sailors braved the 30 degree temps to get some races in. The wind was fierce on Saturday. NOAA reported 20mph with gusts up to 32 for the day and it wasn't far off. We finished up with a one bullet, a second and a third on day 2. Pictured above is Tad Pecorak and Derek Binkley (both members of Team Velcoity Sailing who sailed Tad's Nacra 20 to a respectable finish. Look for lots more pictures coming soon on the Spring Fever Website.

On the last day, the boat was feeling a little slow and we had to be content with a 4th, and a 3rd. The results were in and after the throw out we scraped out first place overall in the Nacra 20 class just one point ahead of Team Seacats who sailed exceptionally well especially on the last day in some really shifty winds. Had more races been run on Sunday, they probably would have had us.

Small boats:
Seacats skipper, Jake Kohl brought along hull number 1 from his Remote control 1 meter sailing project. He and some buddies designed their own RC racing sailboat. Check it out on Team Seacats website.

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