Sunday, July 29, 2007

Camp Don Lee AHOY

Trey and I headed down to Camp Don Lee located on the Neuse river near Oriental, NC a couple of weeks ago to hang out with our buddy Ryan Boyle (Team Velocity ground crew and future competitor). Camp Don Lee was having their annual Family Camp week hosting a reunion of sorts for all walk of camp alum. We met a lot of cool people out on the water. Two and a half days of sailing around in the Nacra 20 taking the sailing staff out was great fun. We also hauled down four old Hobie 16 hulls that we donated to their sailing center. Check out some pics and video from on board the TVS rocket ship below.

1) Nacra 20 CRASH
2) Ryan rides the bull
3) Alan rides the bull

def: "riding the bull", hanging on for dear life on the lee hull of a fast moving catamaran in a reach. Preferably with two buddies on the wire laughing at you. It is a right of passage and if your lucky not done in cold water.

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