Friday, August 31, 2007

Bike Bound

Friday... we are out of class and ready for an awesome trip. After checking the wind forecast, we decided to change it up a bit and do the Hatteras leg first to take advantage of the 15-20mph that is being predicted for the weekend out of the NE. we thought of this so its no big deal. Ferry ride Sun. morning instead of Sat. night. Last minute packing is easy when your not hardly bringing anything. Bikes on the car and we'll be out of here. Were dropping off our stuff at Mike's friends house who will take it down to Ocracoke for us so we don't have to carry anything on the bikes save for powerbars, water, and tools. This will probably be the last post until we return so wish us luck. Also...this just in, we are staying with Alan (another Alan) in Kill Devil Hills who we found through, a network of couches for travellers basically very tiny 5 star hotels everywhere that are FREE if you register a couch of your own. Thanks Alan and dog Lopez for YOUR couch.

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