Friday, December 28, 2007

Got Epoxy?

After applying a final coat of epoxy to all of the inside surfaces in the hull we glued in the cabin seat framework and laid down all of the cockpit seat tops upside down for a coat of epoxy. Tomorrow we plan to glue the cockpit seat tops on as well as install the tabernacle bulkhead. We also made the final decisions on where to place the hatches. There will be seven in all. Three on each side of the cockpit and one in the rear under the tiller.

There are lots of things to work on and we stayed busy all day. We bought a 3" hole saw and put the new drill press to work on the mizzen mast base.

Saturday we visit the Grandparents so we are scheduling the big flip for Sunday. Meanwhile we need to order another one or two gallons of epoxy and after taking inventory, a roll of fiberglass for the bottom of the hull.

1 comment:

Joe and Sally said...

Great work guys. Could you show a close up of some of the joinery work for the seat supports in the cabin? Also a shot of the inside port floor stringer would help. I could not figure out what you meant by "cutting it short".