Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kerr Lake Try....

Last weekend I successfully completed my first triathlon, an Olympic distance, at Kerr lake. It was a small one with just over 300 participants in all. I came in 113 out of 188 men overall and 7th out of 9 in my age group with a total time of 2:47:56. Here are the male age group results.

My breakdown was as follows and the averages for my age group.
Swim: 30:37 (avg time- 28:20)
T1: 3:04
Bike: 1:13:46 (avg time- 1:10)
Run: 1:00:31 (avg time- 55:30)

As you can see, I was just slightly below average in all cases but I am getting faster every day. I averaged just over 18mph on the bike and felt strong on the swim. I had the second slowest T1 in my age group so thats something to work on but I'm not really racing anyone but myself and for Ironman, it will be worth the extra time to get comfortable. I also passed a lot of bonkers in the last mile and a half of the run when I felt really strong having held back in the beginning not knowing my limits completely which paid off I think.

Training continues for the Louisville Ironman in Aug. Just 12 weeks left!!!!


Kristen said...

Congrats, Alan! And good luck with the training!

Alice said...

Great job! And I agree that getting comfortable on your bike is probably important. No one likes a sore butt! good luck with the training!

Michael said...

Did you happen to catch a glimpse of Puta's girlfirend? You better not let Puta see it too long or else you may never see your truck again. If that does happen you might try looking in Haysi, Ky.