Monday, August 18, 2008

More EYE progress on the Rhodes Reliant

A week of hard work on the boat by the EYE crew has left everyone satisfied that much had been accomplished. In addition to getting the V-berth and main cabin freshly painted the aft cabin, engine compartment and aft storage lockers are all de-greased, scraped and ready for some epoxy paint. With Anna back from China, she was able to hang out with Adam and Ian and I all week and it was the first time that all 4 of us were able to work on the boat at one time. We decided not to hold back when it came to the paint colors and while we left some of the nicer hardwood and brightwork in the cabin unpainted, much of the veneer we decided to brighten up. In the end the V berth became yellow and green and the main cabin a cheery orange and blue with a yellow accent wall! Adam and I put the first coats of color on on friday and after a few minutes once we had a few walls done we just stopped and started laughing for a long time. We decided that that was the reaction that we were shooting for so i think our paint scheme was a success. Photos of the new paint job are on the way. Here are some pics from the week.

In other news, Adam and I managed to get a long ride and a long run in this week in between boat work and also went for a swim at a local pool. We are both still going strong and are very exited. 13 days left.

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