Saturday, March 07, 2009

Where are they now?

The old Team RAF Wa'apas made an apperance today as they needed to be reloacted from where they have been stored for the last year or so. So where are they now? still in Raleigh, now living at Matt's house near campus. The hulls are sitting at Chris's house but word has it that they need to move soon too. 

Time has taken it's toll on the parts since their debut and last apperance on the water at the 2007 Everglades Challenge where they carried Team RAF to a 3rd place finish in their class. 

Yes, the 07 EC was the last time the boats were assembled. Yes we have talked about putting them back together but it never materializes. Yes they are for sale but to be honest the hulls need some serious patching from delaminatin. Anyone out there want a pair of project boats???

The housepaint has held up very well, the amas are almost as if they were glassed yesterday. Still very light and stiff. The crossbeams are unchanged and the sails have some mild mildewing that could be taken out with some bleach. 

Yes, time has taken it's toll on the watertribe boats of Team RAF but thats not the point. These boats were built with the energy of a team with the will to suceed and they were designed for one purpose and one purpose only. To finish the EC....and so they did. Time may have taken it's toll on these boats but time has little effect on the will and pasison of the adventurers spirit. Even as you read this, watertibers infused with the adventurers spirit have gathered once again to challenge their boats, the weather and themselves in the Everglades Challenge. 

Follow along on or on the spot tracker page of Sandybottom. (Go mom!)



paul said...

Hey Alan,

I definitely am interested in the boats. I was planning to build a boat but the chance to have a boat that completed the Everglades Challenge would be great. What is a good way to contact you?

Thanks Paul

Alan said...

Send me an email to I'd be glad to talk about the boats.

cristobal el manco said...


The boats are now in Charlotte, after a harrowing trip home. Prospects are good for a happy life for these boats if they get a little care and use... They could certainly survive another EC, or be used as high-tech funeral pyres.... use your imagination.