Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hot links this week

Countdown to the Tybee 500. First leg starts Monday. We have an incredible 23 race boats signed up for this years Tybee 500 a record number. I thought I would help out those that cannot be there in person. Get the most out of your vicarious online adventure by following the race this week on the following sites. - Official race rules and notices will be posted here as well as periodic updates about the race.

Sailing - Another must read with info about race results and cool articles. - Check for the latest tweats. - Race updates as they pertain to team velocity will be posted here. Check out the team site for skipper and crew bios and the latest from velocity sailing. - topo fusion has agreed to provide real time race tracking via personal SPOT mesengers. Those boats that have SPOT messengers will show up on the tracker page during the race. In addition, you can follow TVS1 (my boat) by going HERE (SPOT share page), but you won't see other boats.

Team - You can't forget to read up on the Team Sea Cats blog. They will surely have some of the most up to date info out there about all the teams. A must read. - Just drop in on "general discussion" and find the appropriate Tybee thread that is sure to have some coverage.

More team blogs...
Team Adrenaline- team blog.
Team Chums - team blog.

And of course, don't forget to check out the NORSA blog and the EYE of the World Blog regularly!!!

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DancesWithSandyBottom said...

Go Alan and Trey! Hope you both stay on the boat this year. ;)