Sunday, October 09, 2011

Ama part 2

Today, the inwales were fitted and slid in from the stern and the inside of the ama was coated. With the inwales in the temporary gunwales used to pull the sides in could be removed. I weighed the side panels and bulkheads pre-torturing at just under 30lbs. I expect that with epoxy coating, bottom paint, crossbeam structure, dagger trunk and a deck it will easily finish up around 40 which would be ok with me. 45 would be less ok but whatever it comes out at, "i'll own it" as they say.
This time I glued in the bulkheads near the keel pre-torture and that caused the hull to be a little less fair than I would have liked but its rock hard now so no going back. I don't plan to make changes for the port ama. Its not that bad.

You can see that I went for the inverted bow, wave piercer ama shape with influences from the Nacra Infusion, and Seacart 26 tri.

Apologies for the quality of the pictures. the shop is dimly lit at night.


Gumby said...

Hey Alan, the boat looks great, fantastic craftmanship as usual!

fasthazard said...

Looks sweet! I can't tell from the pics where the front to back center of buoyancy is - do you have to move it back to get the bow to pierce waves instead of riding over?

Wade Tarzia said...
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Wade Tarzia said...

Would it have been much slower to strip-build the bottom curve and save plywood for the topsides?

Alan said...

I tried to get the long CB as far back as possible. The rig will be raked aft, the beams are aft, the cockpit is aft. i want weight aft but I don't want to squat in the water. The wave piercing will happen on it's own. As long as there is enough bouancy forward to counter the tipping force of the sails, she will ride right through it. I think strip building would have been significantly more time consuming. It would also require a lot more fairing and gluing since you can only do a couple of strips a day.