Friday, January 20, 2012

More Pictures

Some more pictures from the build.

Dagger trunks are now installed. You can see now my finished foils CNC machined on the Shopbot. I went for a simple 0012 and the trunk is glass. The foils will ride on strips of hard felt inside the trunk.

Also visible is the forestay chainplate integrated into an angled forward bulkhead tied into the hull and glued in under the bow deck. Below is the finished main cockpit coaming. The coaming was fist shaped in 5lb Airex foam (did I mention there is a lot of scrap around here). Then carbon was applied with 3m spray adhesive before wetting out and vacuum bagging.


DaveOnCudjoe said...

Very impressive build, especially the decision to use twin daggers. Do they have a built in angle of attack or run parallel to the fore and aft axis? Dave(onCudjoe)

Alan said...

Hey Dave,

The daggers do have a built in AOA of 1.5 degrees which translates into about 3/16" over the length of the chord. You'd better believe I quadruple and then double checked that before I glued it.