Monday, February 17, 2014

4 Dudes in a Canoe

A long time ago (ok not sooo long)... I started this blog.

Shortly thereafter 4 guys rented a canoe from NCSU 
turned it into something awesome, and made it across a lake. 

The rest was history.... (takes about 14min to watch them all)


Wade Tarzia said...

What was the sail area for those boats?

Taylor said...

Hey Wade I can't really remember but in this picture

you can see they were pretty much a triangle with the boom and mast both out of windsurfer masts of about 12' length so I would guess sail area was about 80 sqft...ish

Anne Leah said...

What a great experience that you have. Have you tried corryvreckan boat trips too? It's pretty fun and exciting.