Monday, July 28, 2014

More work on the Core Sound 15

I've uploaded parts 9, 10 and 11 of the build. If your one of the 3 people who can stand to watch them then thanks for following along! These 3 videos represent about 2 long weekends (or about 5 days) worth of work.

In Part 9 below I get the aft seat locker painted in preparation for the seat tops going down. I also get the centerboard trunk glassed to the bottom of the hull.

In part 10 I get the seat tops glued down. I made a piping bag (apparently that is what they are really called) to do the "icing" on the "cake". Don't make the mix too thick or you will have trouble squeezing it out of the bag easily.

In part 11 I was able to get a lot done thanks to the 93 degree weather we had this weekend. Multiple steps were possible in 1 day because of the fast gel time of the epoxy at that temperature. I coated the seat tops and sanded them the next day, installed the tabernacle bulkhead and glassed it in and I also started coating some of the underside of the various deck parts off camera so they will be ready to go down when all the deck structure is finished.

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Jonathan Van Vuren said...

I'm enjoying them a bit a t a time! Thanks for sharing. My Ulua build is on indefinite hold with work and a new baby, so having this up on another monitor is as close as I get. And I get a chance to daydream about doing a CS20mark3 one day. :)