Friday, August 08, 2014

Core Sound 17 'Southbound' gets a weigh in

This week at the shop I finally got around to purchasing a new trailer for my Core Sound 17 'Southbound'. The original trailer was commandeered for the Mosquito Trimaran and I don't want to modify it back to fit the 17.  We took the opportunity to lift her onto the trailer with the tractor and use a newly acquired digital scale to weigh her. Any guesses???

She weighed in at 445 pounds with no accessories. No masts, sails, sprits, rudder, anchor. So all up probably a 500 lb boat.

Here she sits on the new Trailer.

Mandy inspects the welds and declares them to be sound. She says that we may proceed. 

The trailer needs a little adjusting as there is a bit of overhang at the moment but all looks good for many more sailing trips to come. 


Kent Garner said...

The boat is looking mighty fine. Anyway, I watched the videos from your last post and I find your work very impressive. I hope it gets finished real, so that it may hit the water soon. Good luck and thanks for sharing!

Kent Garner @ White's Marine Center

Poppy Bill said...


I'm enjoying your blog very much. Your work is impressive.


Shahriar Khan said...

I would like to welcome you to our Sailing Community - Clubtray Sailing on