Monday, February 16, 2015

Video Editor? more like Profanity Producer!

Just finished part 19 in the building series on the Core Sound 15. The prototype that went to a customer in Florida was completed almost 4 months ago but if feels like i haven't had a spare moment to work on videos since then.

Well, this weekend I forced myself through another segment using a new program which always takes longer. I'm now using Power Director 13 which was a Christmas gift! (thank you Dad) Using windows movie maker was really a drag with the large files I'm working with. The raw files for this video are around 10 GB and the finished video came in at 2.3 GB rendered at 1280x720. All video and audio was taken from my Samsung Galaxy S5 (same as all the other videos) which is also my everyday phone.

Below is a screenshot of Power Director. It has waaaay more features than i need and I actually had to look pretty hard to find settings that would kind of match the sort of outdated look of the old videos so that the series would kind of match but the speed of the program is at least 4 times faster maybe more and rendering takes a fraction of the time. It also has many features that I'm sure will come in handy as I become a better producer.


Mike said...

Alan, first let me thank you for taking the time and effort to post this series of videos.

Your problems illustrate exactly what cracks me up about anti-((useful platform, usually Mac) folks (there aren't really any real Windows aficionados, are there?))... what are your time and life worth?

One of my daughters produces online medical training seminars - while still in school - simply using iMovie on her MacBookPro.The other one does her Urban Planning virtual tours using the same setup, sometimes with Final Cut Pro. Neither are CS adept, but they simply use the tools that get the job done most simply and efficiently.

Also, Daddy is also tired of providing tech support. ;-)

So sure, you saved $500 on a cheaper laptop. And then you spent countless hours fighting the system trying to get the results you wanted.

I develop software for a living, mostly under Linux. On my MacBook Pro. It just isn't worth my time or effort to battle it any other way.


Fahim Khan said...
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