Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Canoe building plans

While researching boats for possible use in the Everglades Challenge, we came across the Wa'apa and were interested because of its simplistic and efficient construction.Gary Dierking of Outrigger Sailing Canoes http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/garyd/ graciously supplied us with a copy of construction plans for this craft and we are looking into the materials list and design to see if this is the boat for us. Thanks a lot Gary.
There are many other interesting and easy to build sailing canoes on the outrigger Sailing Canoes website so please take a look.

The Wa'apa is a three board canoe that is very simple to built. A three board canoe is so named because that is how it is built. There are a couple of designs for this boat including a shunting version and a tacking version. It is also possible to build the boat such that it can be broken into 8 foot sections that bolt together at bulkheads.

We would plan to build two identical boats that would have the capability to be sailed or paddled individually or connected and sailed together in a catamaran configuration for use in our 4 man team entry in the Everglades Challenge in 2007.


Anonymous said...

What rig are you going to use? I have built a 21' Ulua tri and boosted the sail area to 128 sf. However, the amas aren't of sufficient volume to stand up to the rig in anything but lighter winds or reefing the rig. Make sure the amas are suficiently big to stand up to your rig. The shallow draft of the boat, coupled with the paddle ability of the canoe will be a super combination for the EC. Are you going with a two man crew per boat? What your plan to catamaran? Thanks for putting together the blog. I'm watching with interest and rooting for you guys since I believe a reefable/paddleable multi has the capacity to rip the record to bits.

Dan St. Gean

Snowcoast Boards said...

Hope you become successful with your great idea! Looking forward a photo of you canoeing in the lake. Snowcoast Paddleboards Alberta