Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Canoe Sailing on Jordan Lake

The Team rented a 16 foot canoe from the university last weekend to try our hand at canoe sailing. We outfitted the canoe with my windsurfer mast and a 5.5 meter sail as well as a sunfish daggerbaord and two inflatable bow air bags for a kayak that we used as outriggers.
To the lake we went. We were able to all pile in which was a good test of a boat loaded with gear even if this wasnt the boat we would use.

There was a steady 6 knots with gusts to 8-10 and we putted across the lake at about 3knots with a top speed of about 4. Granted, at this speed paddling is far more efficent and faster, we were interested in seeing how far we could get on sail power alone. It was a fun expereiment and for 8 dollars for the canoe it was unanimously agreed to be in the college student budget.

The pictures don't tell the whole story, so here is some video.

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