Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Big Canoes

Yesterday afternoon Alan, Matt, and I knocked out the last of the side hull sections on the Shop-Bot. By that time Chris was out of class, so we decided to mock up a hull with clamps, here are some of the pictures.

They look ready to take on the Manatees.

I can imagine these looks at the end of 300 miles.

One of the design school shop workers knows a thing or two about homebuilt boats, and he asked us how long the race was, we responded "300 Miles" and he said that the sea wasn't that deep. The next picture puts his words into a visual form.

After we wrapped up at the design shop the four of us went on a hunt for some fiberglass and bronze nails. Turns out that the nails are only available online, and the fiberglass would cost us one son and one daughter. Unfortunately we don't have any sons or daughters, so we couldn't get any fiberglass, but we're working on a deal with that supplier.


fasthazard said...

What am I doing in picture number 3?


Anonymous said...

Great pics guys - so you know - if you do not have the $$ for fiberglass cloth you can probably get away with using fiberglass tape along the joints and us the thickened epoxy to add rigidity. 3 coats of epoxy on the outside, 2 inthe inside and after washing and scrubbing you can paint inside and out with outdoor porch paint and you should be good to go - BUT be aware that your boat will be more fragile and will require tender care if you scratch the plywood - i.e. will need to reseal before water can make damage

Cristobal - why do they call you el manco - or el mocho? are you missing a hand?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I am logged on correctly, but...

I second the fiberglass tape and porch paint. When you deck the boat make sure you build up a cockpit coaming and lip so you can use a regular spray skirt. Are you going to build it sectionally? If not, be sure to leave enough room so one of the guys can get some rest.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to add for your boat you can use stainless screws into the chine logs and even PL premium to glue it together as long as you tape the exterior seams.