Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Last week Matt and I took a quick but prosperous road trip to High Point to pick up some fiberglass. After hunting around Raleigh and the internet we finally found Thayercraft Industries which stocked what we wanted at the right price.

Now the only major things left to buy are Epoxy, masts, blue foam, and all of our required equipment; we hope to get things taken care of before we break for the semester. Speaking of the break, the current plan is to move everything to Charlotte and go on a 2-3 week building blitz so the majority of the canoes are done before school starts up again. Look for more updates in the coming weeks, we hope to have great progress.


Anonymous said...

Let me know what you guys are planning for routes. I would love to compare notes as this will be my first EC. Also - if you find a great bargain for renting the EPIBR that is required for the race - please let me know - thanks

Alan Stewart said...

Hey Carlos, we would be glad to talk routes with you. We are in the very early stages of that process however and trying to soak up as much info as possible from the forums and from my Mom who has done the race multiple times.
As far as the EPIRB goes, we are borrowing one from a friend. Since we are a formal dependent team, we only need to have one for both of our boats.

cristobal el manco said...

don't forget we need to buy slash make sails too.

ps. carlos i made up that name for myself a long time ago after watching the movie "the good the bad and the ugly" -i was a big fan of clint eastwood's character "el manco"- i actually have two hands that work just fine!