Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to school....mumble..grrrrr.. mumble

Yesterday we got the forward, lower cabin and side bulkheads glued in and today we installed the diagonal stringers in the bow and the straight stringers behind the forward bulkhead. We also finalized the location of the side wall in the cabin floor. Dad is going to install the middle cabin bulkhead tomorrow and then we will be ready to size cut and install the cockpit and cabin seat sides and seat longerons. Then we will be ready for a few more coats of epoxy and then painting of the closed off areas before gluing on seat tops and working on the hatches. Soon enough we'll be flipping the hull over for some fiberglassing and painting.

You probably knew that cats don't like water but did you know that they like boats. Sailors have taken ships cats on board for years. My cat has never been on a boat but she would probably be a pretty good ships cat. She sleeps so much she probably wouldn't know the difference.


Sundog said...

Alan and Paul

Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted. I have similar ambitions but am at least a year behind you. I saw a photo of Alan looking over the EC22 with Graham. Can you comment on the reasons you are going with the CS20. Pros and cons, differences between the boats, performance as well as ease of building.

Best of luck on your noble endeavor, Sundog

Alan said...

Thanks for the support. I would be glad to comment. Having never built a boat like this before, we saw a couple of advantages for making the CS20 our first. There have been a lot of them built by homebuilders and so there are a lot of sources of help through pictures and online. The construction method between the 20 and the 22 is different also. The 20 uses the butterfly method while the 22 was build over frames which I think is a bit more tricky so keeping it simple was paramount for a good result from first time homebuilders. Another reason I think is just the size. My dad will be the primary captain of the boat (and my mom his crew), I'm just going to help him out a little in the beginning. The 22 is deceptively larger a vessel than the 20 both in beam, length and sail area with that asymmetrical chute. (whats the point without the chute -big smile) It's a lot of boat for anyone and since Graham is a great sailor I'm sure he wanted a boat that could satisfy his need for speed which is probably more than some. We just didn't see that the extra power was worth the expense since this boat will probably not be raced as much as the 22. I hope that makes some sense. Oh, also, if we had built the EC22, then it would most definitely not fit out the sliding doors of the basement. As it is we are going to have about 1/2" to spare getting it out.

Anonymous said...

Do you still love country ham?

Alan said...

Yes, I love country ham