Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Tybee Approaches

The Tybee 500 is nearly upon Trey and I once again. We have liquidated used parts from Trey's Garage in hopes of scraping together some extra cash and have been calling in all of our sponsors for help with the hotels, gas and boat expenses this year. We have some great sponsors this year including Dry Inc. that will be donating dry-shits, T-shirts and team collared shirts. Very nice. McLube has given us some hot new product to try out on the hull. WilderGFX is back with us again this year as is Atlantic Boat and Supply and FRE Robline. Also with us is Murrays who also helped my Dad and I with some hardware on Dawn Patrol for the EC. Even with all that it is still a great challenge to keep funding in the green and we are busting our butts. Anyone near the eastern shore of florida or SC should not hesitate to come out to the finish or Start of one of the legs. Here are some shots from the Tybee last year. Can't wait.

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