Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Catching my breath

So, lets catch up. There are 8 weeks to go till Louisville. Since my last update plenty has happened so I'll try to give the highlights.

Adam and I took a weekend trip up to Frisland later in June and met up with Graham who agreed to survey the boat with us and inspect the damage done to the boat when we were hit by a motor yacht on the trip up the coast. This has since been resolved and owner of the other boat has settled with us. Here are pics from that weekend. We are headed back up this coming weekend for more fun work including replacing a bulkhead in the bilge and more scraping and cleaning prep-work for painting and also engine removal.

The weekend before last Trey and I headed up to Kerr lake for the annual Governors Cup Regatta with the Carolina Sailing Club. I talked my dad into taking the CS20 up to the regatta and he and Ken Potts sailed together on Saturday (the first day of racing) and had a lot of fun. Trey and I sailed the I-20 in open multi with one other I-20 (a friend from raleigh and Trey's roommate from Australia, Brad). Here are pics from both sides.
Kens Photos are here

This weekend Trey and Jen and I were up in New Jersey for the annual Statue of Liberty Regatta. We were defending champions from last year but the wind did not cooperate this time and when it was clear that no one would make it back until well after dark and we saw people starting to pull out and head home we did the same. It went like this....
Trey: how fast are we going
Alan: 6.5 konts
Trey: whats our VMG?
Alan: 0.7 knots
Trey: this will take forever!
Alan: yeah and thats 0.7 knots backwards by the way.
Trey: oh
Needless to say there was no wind and a ripping current under the Verrazano narrows. Not to mention barges, ferrys, dead things and giant logs floating the water all of which we didn't really want to be around when the sun went down. Still a great party though and we sailed out of sandy hook to watch a great fireworks show on Fri. night.

Adam and I are still on the path to the gold for Louisville. I ride to my summer camp job almost every day and we have been recently involved more regularly in the local hashing group the Sir Walter Raleigh's Hash House Harriers which also turned us on to a local open water swim group that swims every wed. on Jordan lake. Many of the regular hashers are also tri-athletes and competitive runners in the triangle. So we have started attending their swims regularly and also did another OWS on Sunday after a day of sailing on the CS20 with my dad. Now don't waste your breath, we know Hashing is not usually considered to be "Ironman Training", but.....well frankly we disagree and find it to be excellent training so to each his own. ON-ON

Also! if you are not following Mike's progress then you must check out his blog clockwork O. He and two others are currently on an epic bike ride across the country. Last update has them in Wild Horses, CO. Mike's girlfriend Alice has been updating his blog with their progress and is donig an AWESOME job.

I will try to be better about updating the blog this month. To the 8 people still reading, please bother me with emails and messages to remind me to post.


Chris P. said...

We were camping across the lake and saw the regatta. If you saw a random force 5 poking around, that was my mom :-)

NCclimber said...

Hey Al, for us non-sailing educated folks, what was the blue thing that you cut a hole in the hull for? Looks like there was as much sleeping as there was working:)