Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lazy Weekend

This weekend is a lazy one for me since I got sick on friday and missed work. I'm home and probably going sailing on Saturday with the fam. Last weekend, Adam and I were back to the grind in VA. See the EOTW site (in IE) for more details but we managed to wrangle the old engine out ourselves and save a couple hundred bucks on travel lift fees.

Friday night we also found an unopened blackberry pie while dumpster diving as well as some bagels and rolls that someone had thrown out. We then stumbled across one of those mobile beer trailers in the parking lot that was being used for some club function during the day. There were even cups. Needless to say, a pie fight ensued, we filled up on questionable bread that passed the smell test and we continued to enjoy free beer courtesy of crown pointe marina for the rest of the weekend.

In all seriousness, we got a lot of work done and are very exited about getting the boat back in shape. The next big work week on the boat is scheduled for Aug. 9-17. Feel free to come help out!!


Alice said...

I think that is called being a Freegan, though not to their strict standards. I bet Mike would have heartily dug in with you in some pie!

Michael said...