Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Step into my office

The Hull is tortured 4mm plywood. Unlike conventional tortured ply cat hulls, I used 3 panels to form the initial shape seen in the previous post. This allowed for a more semicircular cross section with plenty of rocker. With a traditional 2 panel and keel joint, a more V'd bottom is required for the same rocker.

Hull shape finalized. Bulkheads and stringers going in next.

2x4 technology here. A compression strut used to force the
bottom down and narrow the hull.

The first bulkhead. Note also that the inwales and keel stiffener are installed now. The outer 1x2 gunwales are just a form for the hull and will be removed later. I got a bit greedy on the transom shape and wasn't able to pull that much curvature out of the panels so I cut into the joins about 18 inches forward from the aft end and wired them together so I could "reset" the joint angle and narrow the transom further. This angle could have been set when I joined the panels in the first place but this is an experimental 1-off so we go with the flow.

On the cutting edge. Note, again the temporary 1x2 gunwales. She has about a 10 degree half angle of entry so I expect very little wave making resistance from this hull shape.


Gary.Dierking said...

He's looking great, and fast. The three panel torture is a definite advantage over the Tornado shape.
How will the amas be built?

Alan said...

Right now I'm thinkin the ama's will be the same way. Another advantage is that with fiberglass at the joints on either side of the keel, and a Keel strip, the bottom has plenty of stiffness. The glass over the joints is like a long sandwich construction stringer.

Wade Tarzia said...

Enjoying your blog, nice work and travels! Slight chance will see you at NCC: was invited to be crew on a catamaran to replace injured crew but not sure yet if I can get out of my classes. Good luck in any event! -- Wade Tarzia "ThisTripIsNecessary"