Friday, September 09, 2011

Irene Aftermath

We have only now just begun to return to normalcy here at the shop. Irene brought with it a 9.3 foot storm surge into Chapel Creek in our section of the Bay River. One of our boat shops flooded 50inches above the floor. Our "high and dry" shop still received 16inches. Irene sucks.

Some of the tools have come back to life after careful cleaning. Our shop bot tool is now operational again. A new computer had to be ordered. I spent a week remodeling the interior of my small cabin with new insulation and wall panels. I had about 15inches of water in my "house". Work has resumed on the 45' power cat and on the trimaran. Another update maybe next week.

The Trimaran main hull was on a pair of short sawhorses in the higher shop and the hull was "splashed" but suffered no damaged. There is a tub-ring type line around the bottom of the hull. At least now no one can say that I didn't put it in the water before the race.

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