Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hanging out at the finish...

We have been hanging out here in Key Largo and got a good nights sleep last night. We finished at 4:50 last night, just in time to go out to dinner. It was a pretty tough race with a higher level of competition than I ever remember. Unfavorable tides and current into and out of check point 2 really knocked our lead down and SwampMonkee and Chainsaw in their Tornado were able to catch back up to us. In the end their decision to head across Florida Bay coupled with our decision to try and get a couple hours sleep at Flamingo was enough to give then the lead. They finished just an hour and a half ahead of us.

As always, hanging out with the finishers, talking about the crazy tides and sleep deprivation is great fun and we are having a nice time relaxing and talking about boats. 


Wade Tarzia said...

Good job! How did that Code Zero work out for you? Enough light wind to make it useful?

Alan said...

Code zero works great. Used even up to 10-12 knots.

Ron White said...


Love your blog and can echo your post race comments about the EC. It was great racing you and Jake and even better getting to know you in Key Largo. Can't wait for the re-match next year!


AKA Ron White