Saturday, March 01, 2014

Everyglades Challenge: And they're off!

Jake and Alan set off at 7:00 this morning. Both were in great spirits; they got a good nights sleep and had a relaxed morning on the beach. 

Alan reported earlier that they were struggling through some light wind. Looking at their personal tracking page, they're speeding up. 

You may have noticed, The Watertribe Tracking Page is overloaded. The Race Manager and the Checkpoint Captains are asking everyone to stay off the tracker in order to give it time to reload. 


Team Cat Fever said...

Video is private.
Could you post a link to their tracker? WT site is down.

Tom the rower said...

I would say the same. Please post his tracker, also, none of the other videos posted here were marked "private", so why should this one.