Monday, September 24, 2007

Outback Regatta!

We had a great time this weekend on Lake Murray in Columbia, SC. My parents drove down late Friday night and Trey and I already had the boats unstacked and on the beach. They were exited to be there we got to bed around midnight. With over 100 boats scheduled to be out on the water at one time (25 of which were catamarans) it was the biggest Outback Regatta on record.

Saturday was very light and Dad and I sailed in Open B fleet against one other hobie 18, one modified hobie 18, a couple of hobie 20s, a nacra 5.2, a G-cat and a couple of AMF Track 16s. The first day ended with three races after a change of the course when the wind shifted and we ended up in first place after the first day with straight 2nds. The G-cat ate 5 pts in the last race with bullets the other two so he was poised for the lead if we took a throw out. One of the hobie 20s was tied for 2nd with the G-cat but without the possibly favorable points spread. While we were out sailing, Mom took the kayak out to explore the lake.

Dinner was catered by Outback and as soon as we got off the water a small storm whipped up and made for some rain on us during dinner which we sat out under a big tent enjoying our steaks and pie YUM. The rain let up later on and Mom and Dad were early to bed and I stayed up with the regular cat crowd until about midnight drinking and then, when we were drunk enough and Trey went to get his Guitars, singing...loudly.

Sunday morning looked like it was going to be another floater but the wind picked up to a steady 4 or 5 knots and we were on the water by 10am. We ran another 2 races before sticking a fork in it. The G-Cat was out biggest threat and although we had him over the line in both races, he is rated slightly slower than us and we were not sure if we had him by enough. The hobie 20 owed us time and we hoped he didn't cross far enough ahead to be a threat. The G-cat was just too close to say.

Trey sailed single handed on the Nacra 20 which wasn't so bad in the light air. He finished up 4th in Open A fleet. Derek and Ally on their hobie 16 also took a trophy (2nd I think) for the hobie 16 fleet. Everyone from NC State goes home a winner.

Awards followed in the midst of packing up and we were happy with second (Pretty Darn good for my first time racing my hobie 18) out of about 10 in the open class. The G-cat eeked it out. Not sure if they did the throw out but I don't think so. Either way he had us beat, (they were also a father and son pair although quite a bit older than us) freak'n G-Cat, oh well.

After a stop for dinner at Maurice's SC BBQ, we made it back to Raleigh around 8:30pm and Derek hitched a ride to Chapel Hill with Mom and Dad to get his car.

Thanks so much Dad for sailing with me this weekend and Mom for keeping him moving (heheh). Sorry there wasn't much wind. Maybe next time. Anyway a great end to another fun Outback Regatta. I'm sure we will be back next year.

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