Thursday, March 01, 2012

Thanks to Calvert Sails

This post is a big thank you to Dave Calvert and everyone at Calvert Sails in St. Petersburg Florida.

Dave Calvert has been building and designing sails in Florida since 1976 and has a history of success racing windsurfers and designing race winning sails for multihulls. Calvert Sails was an obvious choice for a set of custom sails for my Trimaran and Dave was enthusiastic about the project from the start.

We were on the same page throughout the consultation process and it was a pleasure to exchange dimensioned drawings and ideas with Dave which he used to create the final sail plan. In no time the new sails were on order at a price that I was more than happy with knowing what I would soon receive. Just 2 months and 10 days after my first email to Calvert, the sails arrived.

The Mosquito trimaran has a Triradial cut pentex mainsail, dacron jib, and large Code Zero headsail for a combined sail area of 240 square feet.

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