Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Smyrna Beach

Good morning from "Walter" the Pelican at 9:27 am near New Smyrna Beach

"Walter" seems to like the Mosquito  at 9:28 am near New Smyrna Beach

Follow Team B&B via the SPOT tracker as then go off-shore through Ponce de Leon inlet at New Smyrna Beach....

Out Ponce de Leon Inlet off New Smyra Beach at about 11:30am Thursday 15th

View of Ponce de Leon Inlet from offshore (

View of Ponce de Leon Inlet from inshore (

At 12:05pm  SOS reported on their transit out the inlet:   "The inlet was full of power boat traffic, the channel was hard against the northern jetty with breaking waves only 25 feet away, east wind required short tacking."

SOS reported that the seas are now smoother today with gentler rollers. Depending on speed, they may sail offshore all the way to the Ft. Clinch Intlet (where submarines come and go), or they might pull into the Jacksonville Inlet or evern earlier to the St. Augustine Inlet.  The distance from Ponce de Leon Inlet to the Ft. Clinch stage point is at least 106nm (122miles).


Thaddeus Pecorak said...

Go Alan! I wish you guys could have hit the Canaveral area this weekend where we could have brought ole Undecided out for motivational support.

Going to be in the Indian River on Saturday....

Good luck guys!


Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by the rudder/tiller system you have on Mosquito . I would love a close up picture at your convenience. Particularly how the rudder is supported by the tiller arrangement.