Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Most recent update: Team RAF is in Key Largo! As of 7:07 am today (Wednesday), the team has crossed the finish line healthy and tired. Congratulations Team RAF!

Update: Although Team RAF has not called in since early afternoon of Monday, the WaterTribe EC'07 results page indicates that they reached CP3 (Flamingo) at about 1:30 pm on Tuesday (Day4).

Wednesday (Day5), if still at CP3, Team RAF would be looking into the teeth of a strong Easterly head wind when looking across Florida Bay toward Key Largo and the finish line. Paddling 35 miles into a 15-20 knot Easterly head wind while navigating Twisty Mile would be very hard. Will they wait for the (predicted) NE winds of Thursday to attempt the crossing ? Or, have they already left Flamingo?

Early Wednesday morning I will be flying to Tampa, traveling to Ft. DeSoto, and driving 6 hours to Key Largo. My opportunities for report will be very limited until I arrive in Key Largo Wednesday evening.

Marine Weather Forecast for Florida Bay
as of 10:30 PM Tuesday March 6, 2007
small craft should exercise caution
Tuesday Night
Northeast to east winds 15 to 20 knots...decreasing to near 15 knots.
Bay waters choppy...becoming a moderate chop.
Northeast to east winds near 15 knots...decreasing to 10 to 15 knots.
Bay waters a light to moderate chop.
Wednesday Night through Friday
Mainly northeast winds 10 to 15 knots.
Bay waters a light to moderate chop.
Saturday and Sunday
Mainly northeast winds 10 to 15 knots.
Bay waters a light to moderate chop. Isolated showers.

[DancesWithSandyBottom reporting]


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Hey Paul... Thanks for sharing all the great info and managing both blogs... I also really appreciate your thoughts on the loss of "Misty"... Thank you -
The Capt'n

Dan said...
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Dan said...

4 Days, 0 Hours, 8 Min ... ahead of 3/4 of the pack! Holy Cow! Here's a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS from me to the guys :-) Can't wait to hear all the stories and see the pictures!


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Way to go guys!! One fun race to follow!! You all had one large serving of the EC!!

What is next for team RAF? :-)