Saturday, March 24, 2007

What time is it?

Over the last few days one of our team members, Alan has been enjoying a second spring break. He is off sailing an Inter 20 with Trey Brown of Team Velocity Sailing in the International Rolex Regatta. The regatta features large racing mono-hulls, smaler racing mono-hulls, 2-3 person skiffs, and beach cats. They managed to find someone who offered to support them for the trip, and being the business man he is, Trey quickly accepted the offer. Trey also help Team RAF with the donation of line, hardware, and most notably the spent Hobie masts that became our akas. Here are a couple of action shots of Team Velocity on 'War', the Inter 20.

In other news this was posted on a WaterTribe forum thread:
"Wingnut thought one of them was so cute (Brownbeard or Redbeard -- the one that kept falling asleep), she was ready to adopt him!"

They must be talking about Redbeard...

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