Friday, February 08, 2008

Cut, Glue, Sand, Glue, repeat

Deck structure...check. Plans for this weekend include:
-Install deck
-Install cabin roof and sides
-Install tabernacle
-Paint masts

Got epoxy in my hair today....unfortunately, vinegar seems to work.


dave mosley said...

Alan, beautiful boat, cant wait to see it in action. Im about to nuild 2 opti's for my kids. I have 2 jig built bare hulls, but I had no idea how to finish them until I studied your site. Thanks man, and hurry up with your boat so you can help me!

Alan said...

Hey Dave!

Glad you got some use out of all my blogging. We are working as fast as we possibly can and I think were going to have it ready in time.

I get a most of my information from the messing-about forums.