Friday, February 29, 2008

Pre Start Update

SandyBottom called at about 9:20 (21:20) this evening just to check that her speed dial worked...that it did! She said that she was ready to go, and that SOS & DWSB we putting the last touches on their packing list. All sounded in good spirits. I'm sure they were anxious to get some good sleep for the early start and to make up for the restless days ahead.

Safe passage to all of our fellow WaterTribers.

Here are a couple overhead views of the start area. The great expanse South of the start line is the mouth of Tampa Bay. Last year Tampa Bay was a riot...I think this year will be a little more tame.

A major decision has to be made by all racers from the get go, that is go outside for speed, or stay inside for safety. I'll talk a little more about this tomorrow.

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