Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome aboard!

Hello fellow regular readers and armchair WaterTribers.

I just want to get a post in here and welcome all to the global home of SandyBottom, SOS, and DancesWithSandyBottom for the next week. My name is Kotzebue and I will be your tour guide for the next week (officially starting Saturday). As you might have guessed SandyBottom, SOS, and DancesWithSandyBottom will be the captains for our harrowing adventure.

I'm kind of new at this tour guide thing. DancesWithSandyBottom and I have switch places from last year and I have a great deal to live up to. He is a world class adventure tour guide, I am a novice everything. I'll try my best to live up to previous years tour guiding, but I also have a second job so we'll see how it goes.

Some of you out there (I doubt many) are new to this site, but have been rerouted from SandyBottom's tour page; I hope you enjoy your stay with the Sailing Adventures of SOS and Friends.

That's all for now. I'll keep you up to date as the sights, sounds, and words stream in to Everglades Challenge Adventures 2008 HQ. I'd love to see some amazing hit counts so tell all you adventurous friends and family.

PS: Comment away!


Joe and Sally said...


Thanks for taking the helm. This should be a sweet ride. There has already been such drama and suspense and we (they) are not even at the start line. Good Luck to our adventurers !!

Gumby said...

Good luck Stewies!