Friday, February 22, 2008

The Weekend Approaches

The third to last coat of paint went on last night in the cockpit (Thanks to mom) and the decks (Dad and I). The cockpit is much harder to paint. Pictures soon. Today (friday) we will put on the non skid additive layer in the cockpit and the side decks and lightly sand the second to last coat before putting the final coat on top. Dad laid up the last hatch drain assembly for the aft hatch and we made the oarlock riser blocks.

Here is what we think is left to do between now and Tues :

-Paint on non-skid
-Last coat of paint
-Pick up the trailer
-Move boat (Saturday)
-Rivet sail tracks onto masts
-Cut masts to final length and install hardware and end caps
-Paint rudder cheeks
-Varnish thwart, oars, sprits (2 more coats), rudder, tiller (3 coats)
-Install drain/bailer
-Install cleats, blocks, hardware: deck, thwart, masts, sprits, centerboard, rudder cheeks.
-Install ladder
-Install rudder gudgeons on transom and rudder housing
-Install centerboard
-Install main mast in tabernacle
-Install bow and transom U-bolts
-Make/install fabric cabin door.
-Install hatches with hinges
-Name the boat
-Put name on boat

-Plan(route, food, cloths, gear)/Complete the EC (THE EASY PART?)...knock on wood.