Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back to Work

Yesterday the team spent some quality time in the woodshop on campus getting the rest of our pieces cut out before the move to Charlotte, NC where we will be finishing the boats over our winter break. Chris and the shop bot were put to work getting the ama frames cut out and we also stared working on the crossbeams beginning with a test section. Here, Matt, Chris and Mike pose with the our pile of boat parts. Below are some pictures of the days progress.

Above are the front ama sections that will be joined with the rear sections and laminated in between thick blue foam and shaped to the final ama profile.

This jig was made to cut the scarf joints into the hull side panels that require a very low angle cut for making the joint.

Here is the shop bot in action cutting out the ama panels. We were able to cut all of the panels for all 4 amas out of one sheet of plywood!

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