Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holy Hull: Part Deux

Today Matt, Chris, and I met at the shop to knock out the bulkhead location and cutouts for hull number 2. It took us a little while to get everything aligned and proper, but we got it all done in a few hours. Now that the bulkheads and side panels are complete, the next step, once Alan gets back, is to epoxy the bulkheads in place and then start working on the decks and bottoms. These will be custom made to fit in place, matching the shape of the boat as built, not to the plans. This will account for any imperfections and give each boat its own special character. Speaking of which, hull number one has been our testbed so far - it's always been the first to get the next step completed. I'm not sure, but I expect that number 2 will be lighter and straighter, since we'll have worked out most of the kinks on the first one.

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