Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nice Bottom!

Today we got started by planing down the chines so that the bottom will sit flush on the bulkheads and the side panels. Then we glued on the transom and trimmed the bottom panel to the rough shape of the bottom. We glued on the bottom panel and held it down tight with screws. The crossbraces seen across the top of the hull held the sides very rigid and straight and were assembled with all the parts dry so that when we put epoxy on everything and reassembled, everything would still line up perfectly.

Next we started squaring up the second hull for assembly following the same procedure as the first boat. By the end of the day we had the second boat all glued up and curing so that tomorrow we could glue the bottom on the second boat and begin applying fiberglass tape to the inside of the first hull.

We also started shaping the amas to the rough side view shape. Lots more work to do on the amas. Don't forget to see the time lapse video from thursday.

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