Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 Tradewinds (NAMSA Nats)

Trey and I just returned from sunny Islamorada Florida early this morning after some fun I-20 racing. We drove down on Friday evening and raced all of Saturday in the 2008 Tradewinds Regatta. Also the North American Multihull Sailing Association Nats (NAMSA). 80 degree weather and sunny skies were a far cry from the bitter teen temps and snow predictions that we left behind. Just Beautiful and windy. It blew...a lot. 20-25 the first day calming after the second race. There was a 15 boat I-20 fleet and we got in 4 races on Saturday. One bullet, two seconds and a third put us in first place. The best way to stay in the standings was to not flip. We didn't have trouble with that but did have some close calls and one splash between races. Many boats were over as we rounded the cans on the first race. Sunday was blown out. 30 with gusts to 40 and a 180 degree wind shift to the North like clockwork. Miami race week was halted yesterday as well due to high winds.

Founders Park has been a great venue for the last two years and a big step up from Gilberts where we raced in 06 I believe. The path is just me scribbling. We didn't have a GPS on board. We ended up throwing out one of the FOUR races from day 1. Which bumped us to second. We threw out the 3 and they threw out a 9 I believe and got us 4 to 5. But hey for not having sailed together since...I don't even remember (Alter Cup Quals I guess) 2nd was a welcome finish and we were very pleased with how we sailed together.

It was neat driving back past the EC finish as well. We were racing just 12 miles SW of the finish and 25miles ESE of Flamingo. Really puts it into perspective again. The EC is upon us! I'm ready to get back to the CS20 and will be heading home tomorrow after some rest to do just that. Mom and Dad spent the better part of the weekend getting her all painted and I cannot wait to see. After we get the keel strip installed nothing will stand in our way.

I also ran into Jamie Livingston who will be racing in the EC this year on a Tornado. He sailed the TYBEE as well last year but unfortunately the sea took his mast that day on Jupiter Beach and he continued as ground support. We spoke for a while about boats and checkpoints and he mentioned that he has taking up kayaking and paddles frequently. He has a lot of respect for those who race with paddle only. We will see him on the beach at Fort DeSoto. Boy oh boy this is going to be fun.

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