Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Right Side Up

The CS20 is back on its feet so to speak. Mike, Adam and Julie volunteered their arms and legs this evening to help flip the boat back over. The home stretch now. All we have to do is finish up the decks, cabin seats, cabin roof, tabernacle, rudder, tiller, masts, booms, hatches, final painting and then rigging. We are still trailer hunting but have some great leads thanks to Ken Potts. Here are some pics of the bottom and of the fipping.

Painting done, click here for slideshow:

Stainless steel keel guard, click here for slideshow:

Flipping done, click here for slideshow:

I found some AWESOME pics of Trey and I on the NACRA 20 from last weekend so I had to put these up here. YEEHAA is pretty much the title of every picture.

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Chris P. said...

That's a very professional looking boat you guys are building - good work!